Hello, we are Minimal2b

As a german mexican Family of 4, with twins in Kindergarden-age, we've been thrown right into what it means to  prepare food, buy cloths and shoes, buy toys and vehicles, travel, work and live with eventually 2 little persons more on board. What began like a cold water shower started to become a challenge and now, 5 years later, seems to perform a beautiful and marvellous symphony with all its ups and downs.

With time I noticed that I got fascinated and nearly obsessed with minimal and barefoot shoes, outdoor cloths, travel and urban daily bags, bikes, boards and toys, music - books and audiobooks, family travel, camping and climbing and tons of things for a better, easier and more interesting life with children. I always try to find the best solutions for a more and more modern, alternative, sustainable and minimalistic way of (family) life.

So, why did we choose this name "minimal2b"?

Good question. First of all it describes 2 of our favorite and most important signs: Minimal/Barefoot Shoes and a minimalistic way of life. Second, it is dedicated to the most important people of our future: our children, our mini-person. Third, the "2b" may have various explanations such as: - we live in the flat 2b, - we have our challenge to live as minimal as we can, so we live minimal to be as well as our kids are minimal to be.

If you have more questions concerning our way of life or any other circumstances do not hesitate to write us an email, follow us on facebook and instagram or give some helpful comments on our blog. And now, 

Enjoy reading.

Pancha Kane

Founder & CEO

The idea began with comfy shoes. Our twins were the key where all this information came through. I like minimal shoes, travelling around the world and cool outdoor stuff. 

Billy Kane
Our Logo

Production Assistant

Call him the influencer, the bodyguard, the guy who made everything on this site happening. 

Our Logo shall represent our choose to minimalism, to eco-fashion, sustainability, to mini-kids-adults and minimal-shoes.

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